Desert Paradise Lodge..... is the ideal starting point to explore and experience Egypt on your own, away from the crowds and the noise of Luxor. In the immediate vicinity you will find unspoiled countryside, and experience the local culture. The Western Desert and the Theban Hills, which hid the enigmatic ancient treasures of the valleys of the Kings and Queens and the tombs of the nobles and dignitaries can almost be touched. The mortuary temples of the great kings and queens - Rameses II, Hatshepsut, Seti I, Merenptah and Rameses III are close at hand as is the restored village of the workers who built the tombs, with its delightful small temple devoted to the goddess Hathor. The newly restored house of Howard Carter, the discoverer of Tutankhamen's tomb is also nearby, and will be the focus of a new museum to be built soon. The Desert Paradise Lodge is situated in the village of Gabawi, where you will find local shops, small restaurants and other facilities. We are always available to help our guests to organise personalised tours of the Luxor area, or Nile cruises